Women in Manipur reviving modern livelihood in rural areas with crafts

Dec 13, 2018 22:44 IST

Imphal (Manipur) Dec 13 (ANI): Handicrafts of Manipur have its own aesthetic and artistic value. And thanks to the tireless efforts put in by local artisans who have carved a niche for itself in the ever growing craft industry of the country.

Huirongbam Shanti is one such craft maker from Thongju Pheija Leitong who has successfully taken up the craft of making varied designs of fashionable hair accessories items, like hair clips, table flowers, garlands, Nachom, badges, door decorations etc under the brand Kangleishin Shinai Lup.

“I believe that art and culture is one important factor in Manipur. Getting a help from the Government would really help me to enhance my business as this craft making brings the woman folk together to earn their livelihood as not all are capable of a government work. And I want to further take this craft to a higher level,” Huirongbam Shanti Devi said.

Among the crafts, women’s fashionable items made out of silk cocoon have been the most unique and thriving in the state.

Initially, Shanti Devi’s family and her locality were engaged in silk reeling business. However, after Shanti Devi lost her parents, to earn for her livelihood and sustainability, she along with her four friends started the silk cocoon business.

With the help from Seri experts, she started making cocoon jewellery, home decor items, and hair accessories for woman. The product prices range from Rs. 30 to Rs. 3,500 per piece. Initially, she started her business in 2007 with a mere investment of Rs. 120/- and at present, her business volume has reached Rs. 2.8 lakhs.

After creating colourful silk cocoon products, Shanti Devi later started her innovative craft of making silk cocoon based ornaments and fashionable hair accessories. Shanti Devi attended her first exhibition in 2009 in Nagaland and has attended various national and International trades fair.

Till now, Shanti Devi has trained more than 20 people, especially womenfolk from rural areas. Staffs are engaged on a daily wage basis, with a salary ranging from 4000 to Rs. 7000 per month. Shanti believes that women should be empowered and should explore their talent and creativity through craft making.

As the northeast region is one of the leading producers of silk in the country and a large number of people have found employment through sericulture, a little support from the centre will not only wipe out the unemployment of the region but it will improve and strengthen the woman of the region. (ANI)

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