Victims: He found refuge. Then he was killed in house of worship

(CNN)Haji Daoud Nabi sought asylum in New Zealand more than 40 years ago after fleeing Afghanistan with his two sons.

Christchurch, the place he’s called home since 1977, offered hope and safety for him and his family. But Nabi was murdered Friday

by a gunman who stormed into two mosques

and killed 49 people in a rampage

that stunned the world.

While authorities have not released details and information on the victims, his death was confirmed by his son, Yama Nabi.

    A number of Pakistani citizens were also in the mosques. Speaking to CNN in Abbottabad, Dr Khurshid Alam said his brother Naeem Rashid, 50, and his nephew Talha Rashid, 21, were among those killed.

    He said colleagues had confirmed the deaths to him. “He was in New Zealand for seven years, he used to teach at a university. My nephew was a student,” he said.

    Naseem Rashid, 50.

    The attack, which was apparently broadcast live on social media, is the biggest massacre in New Zealand’s history.

    Suspect Brenton Harrison Tarrant has been charged with one count of murder, but officials have said additional charges are forthcoming.

    A list compiled by the

    Red Cross

    shows people of more than 15 nationalities were in the mosques when the attack happened Friday evening.

    They included nationals from India, Syria, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan, among other countries.

      Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry tweeted that four of its nationals were injured and five others are missing. The nation’s authorities said they are working to identify the victims.

      This story will be updated as more information on the victims becomes available.

      CNN’s David Williams contributed to this report.

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