Mumbai bridge collapse: Among dead, three nurses, two in hospital they worked

The collapsed foot overbridge. (Express photo by Prashant Nadkar)

Three of the six dead in the foot overbridge collapse at the CSMT railway station Thursday were nurses at Gokuldas Tejpal (GT) Hospital nearby — two of them were rushed to the same hospital they worked at.

Hospital staff said that while they were prepared for casualties, they were stunned when they saw the first few patients wheeled in: Apurva Prabhu (35) and Ranjana Tambe (40), both nurses at the hospital who were on their way to begin their night shift.

“They are our girls, we immediately recognised them. They were on their way for the night shift, which begins at 8 pm,” said a senior nursing staff member. Both succumbed to their injuries.

Prabhu’s husband, Abhay, who rushed to the hospital after coming to know about the accident on TV, said he had spoken to his wife after she boarded the train along with Tambe and another staffer, Bhakti Shinde (40).

“She had called me after she boarded. Then, I saw the news on TV about the collapse. Her name was being flashed, I tried calling her but could not get through,” he said.

Shinde, meanwhile, was declared dead at St. George hospital. The three nurses stayed in Dombivali and took the same train to work during night shifts, he said.

At the hospital, staff attended to patients being rushed in while fighting back tears. “We usually come together. But today, I wanted to buy something for my son so I took an earlier train and the subway not the bridge,” said another staff member.

Staff members said the three who were killed were “hardworking colleagues, who had been with the hospital for nearly a decade”.

Another hospital employee, Vijay Bhagwat, 35, sustained a leg fracture. “He was in the same train as the nurses. When the bridge collapsed, he called me to inform that he was injured. I immediately alerted the hospital and asked them to rush someone to the spot,” said Tejaswi, Bhagwat’s wife.

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