Most adults living unhealthy lifestyle


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The overwhelming majority of adults in England are so unhealthy they put their lives at risk, a survey shows.

The data from the Health Survey for England showed nearly nine in 10 had at least one unhealthy trait.

That was classed as those who smoke, drink more than 14 units of alcohol, eat fewer than five portions of fruit and vegetables, are obese or have low rates of physical activity.

Half of adults have two or more risk of these factors.

The annual survey asked 8,000 adults and 2,000 children about their lifestyles.

It also showed children who have obese parents are around three times more likely to be obese than children of healthy weight parents.

Some 28% of children of an obese mother were also obese, compared with 8% of children whose mother was not obese or overweight.

Meanwhile, 24% of children of an obese father were also obese, compared with 9% of children where the father was not overweight or obese.

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