Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019: Day 3 of blending textures,…

The Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019 on its third day was quite a mixed bag with exquisite fabrics, cultural revisits, magnificent big fur sleeves, luxe modern silhouettes and graphic patterns. Amrich Fall-Winter collection was an amalgamation of interesting shapes, fabrics, surfaces and a subdued colour palette with Indian handloom and craft traditions in khadi cotton, wool, silks and silk blends. The fabric manipulation on surface gave it a powerful texture. The hand embroidery and metal sequins gave the sophisticated textiles an edge in bold tints. The mood was quite powerful and celebrated women and their freedom. Inventive, sharp and of course, modern.

Ekru revisited the traditional wearing styles of age-old Bengal. Influences by Brahmika saree introduced by Jnanadnandini Tagore in the 19th century placing the pallu on the left shoulder so that the right arm is free for courtesies had a reminiscing feel. Reinterpreting a classic old style with a new age elegance. The motifs were a good addition to a stand-out silhouettes. The collection celebrated the spirit of women for their brave choices and roles.

Desirable, bright and ultra-feminine silhouettes in sheen colours got the party wave right in Pallavi Mohan’s collection. The voluminous sleeves, crystals, feathers and in subtle satin and rich velvet with surface ornamentation was enigmatically chic.

Dolly J chose loud saturated pop colours and the volume was well played-up with a fun and energetic vibe. The time honoured 70’s florals, pleated skirts and big fur sleeves. Bows and pleated frills form an integral part of the red carpet worthy, evening ensembles.

Pankaj & Nidhi’s graphic sensibilities in delicate florals and origami like geometric patterns on rich textures like glorious taffeta, silk velvets and organza with embellished patterns on the surface. The luxe modern appeal wins here.

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First Published:
Mar 16, 2019 11:49 IST

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