Will Serve People in Opposition, Rock Captain's Chair: Kejriwal in Punjab


Will Serve People in Opposition, Rock Captain's Chair: Kejriwal in Punjab

A file picture of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. (Photo: Getty Images)

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal on Monday visited Punjab for the first time since the party’s shock defeat in the Punjab Assembly elections in March. Speaking to party volunteers, MLAs and MPs, Kejriwal said that “God” had tasked them with being an effective opposition to Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and they will carry out their duty.

After paying his respects at the Golden Temple, Kejriwal met doctors from Amritsar and listened to their grievances before meeting party workers in the evening. “First of all, I would like to apologise for coming so late to Punjab after the Assembly election results. I got very busy in Delhi and now I have come to meet you. Whatever the result of the election was, it was against the party’s expectations and those of the people as well,” he said, while speaking to party workers.

Adding that being in opposition was a “God-given” responsibility, he said, “Whatever the reasons behind the result – be it EVMs, money power used by other parties or our own faults – God wants us to be in opposition right now. We will carry out this responsibility properly. We will work as a good opposition. You can serve people whether you are in power or whether you are in opposition.”

Talking about the AAP state unit’s roadmap for the future,the Delhi Chief Minister said, “We have a few things to do now. First, we have to revamp the party structure from top to bottom. The booth-level volunteer has to be the most powerful. He is the one who goes from door-to-door asking for votes. If some work is not done then what face will he take back to the people? If a booth-level worker comes to you (MLAs) for some work then it has to be given priority. Secondly, you must bring back everyone who is upset with the party for any reason. Go to their homes and win them back. We have to increase the AAP family, not make it smaller.”

Lashing out at the Punjab CM, Kejriwal said, “The third thing we must do is to raise the issues of the people. They need to know that we are willing to sacrifice for them. Hold Amarinder government to its promises. Captain made so many promises. Have any of them been fulfilled? If the Congress government continues to lie, we will launch such a big movement that we will rock Amarinder’s seat of power. They are so impatient that it hasn’t even been two months since they took oath and cases of corruption have already started coming out.”

First Published: May 29, 2017, 6:53 PM IST


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