Eighth edition of cultural show ‘Celebrating northeast’ wows one and all

By Chandrakala Choudhury (ANI) |
Dec 21, 2018 12:03 IST

New Delhi [India], 21 Dec (ANI): The northeast region is known for its diverse fairs and festivals. To promote and preserve as well as apprise people of the region’s colourful unique culture, Northeast Institute of Fashion Technology (NEIFT) came up with yet another exciting edition of ‘Celebrating Northeast’ in New Delhi. The national capital was adorned with the hues and colours of the northeast region.

Fashion and eclectic folk dance of the north-eastern states marked the beginning of the cultural extravaganza held in the premises of DLF Place Saket.

India’s northeast region is in itself a celebration, where people leave no stone unturned to boast of their rich tradition and gaudy cultural heritage.

Every year, people in the national capital get to witness the flamboyant cultural heritage of the northeast region that is celebrated in a grand way.

Aimed at promoting tourism in the northeast region to an audience of global appeal, the event was supported by the Sports and Tourism Ministry.

“This is our eighth edition. Our basic aim is to bring the art, culture, music, textile, fashion, performing arts of the northeast to one platform, so that people of the mainland can understand what northeast is all about, our food and cultural activities of different states. We want the northeast artists, models, singers all to come together and work under one platform so that they get national recognition”, said Vikram Rai Medhi, Director NEIFT.

“Festivals of this nature create awareness about the varied culture of the region. Some of them has only seen northeast in movies, books, so it is a firsthand experience for them. I feel this is like a curtain raiser”, he further added.

The event started with a cultural piece of ‘Mukha Bhaona’ or mask drama which is usually practised in Majuli island of Assam, the world’s largest riverine island.

The tradition is 500 years old, prevalent in the Vashnavite era which is usually attributed to the medieval saint Sankardeva in Assam.

The scintillating Bihu folk dance performance by artists under Ranjit Gogoi pulled crowd from all across Delhi and other parts of the country.

The exuberant folk dance performance by a group of artists from Arunachal Pradesh also wowed the visitors as it was a delightful experience for them to have been able to witness the uniqueness of the region.

While speaking to ANI, Deepak Mohan, actor and model said, “Awareness should be there and they are very much part of India, everyone should know that. I have heard a lot of discrimination happening which should not happen. I love their culture and these events are very important as they shed light on their rich cultural heritage. I have been a showstopper for a northeast fashion designer in fact. It is amazing working with them”.

Fashion designers from the northeast have helped the region get on the global fashion map through their awe-inspiring designs.

These designers have infused the tribal way of life with modern innovations of the fashion world and created the perfect blend of artistic excellence.

The event highlighted some of the incredible couture collection by the fashion designers from the region.

The night was set alive with mystical music and enthusiastic audience as the model sizzled on the ramp donning eye-catching attire.

Organising such an event will not only boost the tourism potential of the region but in the long run, would also act as a platform for artists of the region to showcase their talent to the global audience. (ANI)

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