EC sets deadlines, tells parties no manifesto release 48 hrs before voting

The Election Commission on Saturday set deadlines for the political parties which shall be taking part in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Setting the outer limit for the political parties to release their manifesto, the EC said that in the case of a single-phase election, the parties will not be allowed to release their manifesto during the prescribed prohibitory period, or the prescribed 48 hours of campaign silence before the electorate casts its vote.

In the case of a multi-phase election, the EC has said that political parties shall not release their manifesto during the multiple prohibitory periods as prescribed under section 126 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951.

The Lok Sabha elections begin on April 11 and end on the May 19, the date of the last phase of voting with counting to be held on May 23.

First Published:
Mar 16, 2019 20:43 IST

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