Cong respects dishonest people, but insults those who work hard to live with dignity: BJP

Mar 17, 2019 17:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar 17 (ANI): BJP on Sunday accused the Congress party of respecting dishonest people, but insulting the poor people, who work hard to live with dignity.

Congress respects those who are dishonest but those who work hard with dignity–chaiwala, pakodawala or chowkidaar-are insulted. Congress must understand that those who insult the poor people will not be forgiven by them,” said senior BJP leader Prakash Javadekar.

Javadekar, also a Union Minister, alleged that the Congress party is hurling abuses at Prime Minister Narendra Modi out of desperation.

“Out of desperation, the Congress party is hurling abuses at Prime Minister Modi. The way they are doing it shows their thought process, their mentality, and their DNA,” he said, alleging that the Congress believes that no one except them should rule the country.

“Now with Prime Minister Modi at the helm, they can’t even dream of coming to power and that is why they are hurling abuses. This is the custom of the Congress party,” Javadekar said.

“A Congress leader yesterday said that Modi means Masood, Osama, Dawood, and ISI. How low will the Congress allow the level of public discourse to fall,” the minister questioned.

“We absolutely condemn it and the people of India condemn it too. We criticize it but we are not replying those abuses with abuses. The entire nation is saying ‘MaiHoon Chowkidaar’ and thieves are running away because of “chowkidaar,” he claimed.

He recalled how former Congress president Sonia Gandhi started this cycle of abuse.

“They can’t argue, can’t raise any doubt, and can’t level charges. Therefore Soniaji started with ‘Maut Ka Saudagar.’ Rahul came up with the jibe of ‘Khoon Ki Dalali.’ One Congress leader said ‘Ganda aadmi’ and Mani Shankar called the Prime Minister “neech,” he said.

“If this is the level of debate, the Congress wants to bring on the table, the whole nation condemns it and people will definitely reflect upon this culture of abuses,” he said.

He claimed that nowhere in the world, such derogatory comments have been made against the leader of the nation.

The Union HRD Minister further alleged that the Congress governments allowed accused persons like Anderson (Bhopal gas tragedy) and Michel (accused in AgustaWestland case) to flee from the country.

“During the Congress regime, they made way for Anderson by special flight to take him out of the country. They allowed Michel to flee. He has been brought back. Rajeev Talwar, and Deepak Saxena have been brought back. That is why Congress fears that more such people will be brought back and put behind the bars,” he said.

Congress is abusing that thieves have flown away from the country during the regime of Chowkidar. They have flown away because there is a Chowkidar. When the Congress was in power, thieves were not scared at all, but now they are,” he said. (ANI)

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